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AMN focuses on developing enterprise software for business. When we started, we saw that most software projects are having problems. Problems with requirement gathering, software quality, project punctuality and many more. So we determine to make our own company that makes sure to handle those problems better. We want to be the best in enterprise software business.

To achieve that, we do many researches on project management, requirement gathering mechanism, software technology, quality control mechanism and many other things to make sure we can handle software project problems better. By that, we are confidence to handle enterprise software projects far better than other.

But it turns out that it was not that easy. Few of our projects were failed. The causes of the failure are varies. Some of them were because of our failure in gathering the requirements. Some of them were because of our failure in planning and controlling. But... read more


This is what we do - Custom Enterprise Application Development, Custom Enterprise Mobile Application Development, and K2 Workflow Development and Implementation.

AMN develop custom enterprise application using Microsoft .NET and PHP technology.

AMN develop custom enterprise mobile application using Java for Android and HTML5.

AMN develop K2 workflow and K2 based enterprise application.

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AMN learns and discusses customer's business process to understand customer's requirement.

The first step of defining the right enterprise application solution for customers is to understand in detail how the business work. We learn our customer's business process in detail to understand their needs.

The learning process started with reading customer's documentation. After we understand the whole picture, we discuss the detail with the customer. By that we can understand which activities should be enhanced by the software. The end result is a well documented business process specification.


AMN develops software prototypes based on business process understanding and present it to the customer.

After we understand the business process we turn our ideas into software prototype. Software prototype is the exact replica of the end result. We discuss the software prototype with the customer.

This mechanism will ease customer to understand how the software will work. It also enhance customer's ability to present their idea.

After the discussion, we revise the prototype. Then we show the revised prototype to the customer. The end result of this phase is agreed software prototype that will be build by AMN.


AMN develop software according to the approved prototype.

AMN's System Analyst will create function specifications for every function that exist in the prototype. System Analyst deliver the review function specification to the programmer.

Programmer will code the software based on the specification. Programmer code the software using the AMN software framework and AMN coding standard.

After programmer finish the code, tester test the software functionality according to the testing scenario. The activity above are done until all the software functions are developed.


AMN presents project progress to customer.

AMN and customer will agree on when will the progress report be held. Commonly progress report is held in by-weekly manner. AMN's project manager will show the project progress to customer's stakeholders. Afterwords, AMN's system analyst will present the finished function to customer.


AMN defines testing scenario and conducts internal testing then conducts user acceptance test with customer.

AMN's system analyst develop a complete user acceptance scenario. The scenario will be able to cope all the possible case exist in the business process.

AMN team will first test the software internally using the scenario. The programmer will also handle the bug fix process of the reported bug.

After all scenario has been tested and all bug has been fixed, AMN will conduct user acceptance test. This phase will be done in the customer's office. Customer's users will test the software according to the scenario. AMN team will stand by and fix error if exist.

After user accepted the system, AMN will deploy the software into the production server. The software is ready to use by the customer.

Customer super user will train their internal user to use the system.


After the system goes live, AMN will support customer by fixing the reported problems.

There are no software without bug. When the user use the software, they will find bugs. They report the bug to AMN via phone or email.

AMN team will handle the bug by fixing it and send the update to the customer.


PT Astra International Tbk.

Astra was established in Jakarta in 1957 as a general trading company under the name of PT Astra International Inc. In 1990, the company changed its name to PT Astra International Tbk, and listed shares on the Indonesia Stock Exchange under the ticker code ASII.


Honda Sales Operation

Astra Motor (PT Astra International Tbk. - Honda Sales Operation), is one of Astra International's corporate operation that is focusing on selling and distribution of Honda motorcycyle products.


PT Astra Daihatsu Motor

PT Astra Daihatsu Motor is Daihatsu's vehicles and parts manufacturer in Indonesia.


PT Berlian Sistem Informasi

PT. Berlian Sistem Informasi, is an IT solution provider company,founded in 1996, in Jakarta-Indonesia, with more than 100 consultants involved in the relationship with customers.


PT Astra Honda Motor

PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) is Honda's motorcycle and parts manufacturer in Indonesia.


PT Holcim Indonesia Tbk.

Holcim is a pioneer and an innovator in Indonesia's fast-developing cement sector.


PT Harmoni Mitra Utama

PT Harmoni Mitra Utama is one of the subunit of PT Serasi Auto Raya that focus on logistic services.


PT Balai Lelang Serasi (IBID)

IBID is an organizer of auction to sell vehicles to companies and idividuals. Founded in 2007, IBID is a subsidary of PT Serasi Auto Raya.



The Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) is a non-profit, scientific facility that conducts research on the most pressing challenges of forest and landscapes management around the world.


PT Sahira Butik Hotel

Sahira Butik Hotel offers simply different accommodation, each room is uniquely well designed with a blend of culture and comfort.


Institut Pertanian Bogor

IPB is state agricultural college located in Bogor.



Founded in 1975, Microsoft is the worldwide leader in software, services, devices and solutions that help people and businesses realize their full potential.



K2 provide business process management platform to build workflow based enterprise application.

iMulai 2.0


The winner of iMulai 2.0 business innovation competition held by Microsoft and USAID in 2008.



The winner of INAICTA 2010 IT Competition for enterprise application category.

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